Irrigation Controller Problems – Diagnosis & Repair

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Irrigation Controller
Component Description – Regulates the time and duration irrigation valves operate based on hourly and weekly schedules.

Problem- Controller not functioning properly-Panel readout not accurate or no display.

Quick Fix – Check power connection-unplug and remove battery backup to dissipate any static electric charge that may have built up. Check circuit breaker at main power service. Reconnect power supply and battery. Verify clock readout and time. Reprogram. Check all electrical connections. See if the controller manual has a trouble shooting program.

Problem – Controller not activating valves or only certain valves operate.

Quick Fix – Verify that each valve is on the correct station number.
Open controller face and disconnect the valve wire from the station that is not working and connect to another valve station. Check to see if the wire at the new station location operates the valve.

Diagnosis – If the valve still does not operate-
The control wire may not be connected properly or may be severed.
The valve may be malfunctioning and components need to be replaced.
If controller appears to be functioning correctly, see page #00 ‘Valve Diagnosis and Repair”

Repair Remedy– Locate break in wire and splice if possible.
Check for unused wires to be used as substitute.
Check that the valves are wired properly. A common wire should be connected in series to all the valves, typically the ‘white wire’, and a separate wire from the valve station at the controller to each valve.
Check all wire connections, splices and old repairs. (Use waterproof connectors).
Run a new wire from the controller to the valve above ground first to test.
Get solid strand 18 gauge minimum copper wire.

Final Repair Remedy – If all remedies have been tried there is the possibility that the controller may be malfunctioning. The inner workings of some controllers are manufactured so you do not have to remove the entire controller housing and power connection. Always shut down the power to the controller before removing any components. Also label all valves wire before disconnecting.

Tip: Replace controller backup battery every 6-8 months to prevent program from being lost.

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