Landscape Irrigation Maintenance Tips -Fall/Winter

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Landscape Irrigation Maintenance Tips

Fall-Winter Checklist


Do a visual Inspection of your landscape for any out of the ordinary wet spots or leaks.

*Shut system down and repair leak immediately.

Check for overspray of sprinkler heads and any dry spots, browning out or standing puddles

of water in grass areas.

*Adjust sprinkler spray head throw and radius to provide even coverage.

Check for over or under watering of raised beds, gardens, pots and other containers.

*Adjust watering run time for that valve/zone.

*Adjust bubbler set screw for water release.

*Replace pre-set drip emitters with adjustable type.


Open irrigation controller and verify clock is accurate. See if the programming has been lost due to any

power failure and if the backup battery is still good.

*Reset clock time and reprogram all stations as necessary. Replace battery.

Verify that the current irrigation controller programming is adequate for the present climate conditions.

*Reprogram valve stations for shorter run times and frequency as required by local temperature and humidity conditions.

*If clock is so equipped initiate rain delay sequence for rain saturated soil conditions.

Cold Climate

Prepare system for winterization at end of season.

Open all ports at ends of piping to drain.

If your irrigation system is so equipped, use an air compressor to blow out water remaining in piping.

Start with closest zone and continue to farthest zone to move water to the end of the system and out the drain ports.

Cover and protect any above ground valves or backflow preventer devices.

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