Irrigation Sprinkler System Design Videos

One of the hardest parts of the do it yourself process is getting started. It’s usually not a question of motivation–it’s more a question of preparation. Do you have the materials needed to complete the project? Do you understand how to use all of those materials? If necessary, can you design the project on your own?

The last question is what keeps many people from installing their own irrigation sprinkler system. They simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to design. At Turning Pro Productions, we’ve developed a series of videos that makes it easy for anyone to design and install an irrigation sprinkler system.

Drip and Bubbler Irrigation Sprinkler System Design Videos
When you design an irrigation sprinkler system, one of the most important aspects is figuring out how to best lay out the sprinkler heads. Our videos show you how to do this to most effectively water your yard. They also demonstrate where sprinkler zones should fall, so that every part of the yard is receiving nourishment. If your lawn has specific problem areas, our videos will help you see how they can be treated, as well.

Our drip and bubbler irrigation system videos help you design a layout that ensures that your trees, ground cover, gardens, flowerbeds, and other landscaping touches are getting the water they need. The design portion of the video helps you discern where drip emitters will be most effective and where bubblers are needed. Like the sprinkler system video, once the design is complete, you’ll learn how to install the irrigation system. Order yours direct from our website.

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