How To Install Lawn Sprinklers

Using the videos we’ve created at Turning Pro Productions, you can learn how to install lawn sprinklers in a straightforward, understandable manner. The techniques used in the how to videos are employed by highly experienced professional landscapers, but they are taught in a way people of all experience levels can understand. They start out with the design and preparation process, demonstrating how to best lay out your sprinkler heads and what materials you need to use in the process.

After you’ve designed the layout for your lawn sprinklers, you’ll learn how to dig trenches and install the piping. Our videos will then show you how to connect to your water line. They’ll also break the installation process down, so you’ll see how to install a backflow preventer and an irrigation controller along with your lawn sprinklers.

Order How to Install Lawn Sprinklers Videos
We’re committed to helping do it yourselfers and young landscape professionals realize that irrigation equipment and products are not as daunting as some make them out to be. We believe that with our how to videos anyone can install lawn sprinklers. We also offer how to instruction for those interested in installing drip and bubbler irrigation systems.

The fact that our how to videos have been developed by experienced professionals and that they break down every aspect of the installation process sets them apart from other how to materials on the market. We offer our how to install lawn sprinklers video in DVD and VHS as well as in English and Spanish. If you have any questions regarding our products please contact us. If you want to place an order, you can do so online!

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