How To Install Drip Irrigation

Many people don’t realize that the manual watering systems they have in place for their yards, gardens, and flowerbeds actually waste water. When you manually water or use a standard “above ground” sprinkler, much of the water you’re using is lost due to deep percolation, runoff, and evaporation. Now, not only is this a waste, it actually does a disservice to your grass, plants, vegetables, and flowers, because when water is lost, the root systems of these plants aren’t receiving all of the nourishment they need to thrive.

A drip irrigation system allows you to use water more efficiently. Almost all of the water generated is actually used by the plants, and the roots are reached more effectively. Drip irrigation also allows you to set a strict watering schedule, which enables you to meet the specific challenges of more demanding plant life. It also ensures that your plants aren’t missing out on their water.

Videos on How to Install Drip Irrigation

The how to install drip irrigation video we’ve created at Turning Pro Productions makes it easy for do it yourselfers and first-time landscapers to install systems that work for their specific environments. Our how to materials provide you with in depth instruction for the design, installation, and testing of a drip irrigation system. Unlike other how to materials on the market, ours allow you to watch professional landscapers take on the project, while you receive comprehensive directions for each step.

Along with our how to install drip irrigation video, we also offer instruction for installing a lawn sprinkler system. We can ship our materials anywhere in the country, and we’ll continue to add more how to materials to our collection in the future. Contact us for more information, or order your how to video online.

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